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We have a server building our applications daily and producing nightly builds.

You can find them here: https://binary-factory.kde.org/view/Android/


We run the builds as explained here, using our android sdk docker image:



To add your project, all you should need is to add a new entry in the current jobs file on git:


You will have to specify:

   "name": "KTuberling",
   "application": "ktuberling",
   "type": "generic-build",
   "cmakeParameters": "",
   "dependency": ""
  • The "name"
  • The "application" name, i.e. the repository name we'll pull it from
  • a "type" which should always be "generic-build" unless we're doing something weird.
  • "cmakeParameters" which is some text that will be passed to cmake when the project is configured. It can be useful to give cmake some hint, like enabling or disabling some features. Most things should be doable through "if (ANDROID)" though.
  • "dependencies" which is some commands that you may want to run before starting to build the project. It could be installing some dependencies.

The apks will be signed against a generic KDE key. If you need to use your own please contact sysadmin.


The results are testable as is from the binary factory, although to make life simpler we set up an FDroid repository where you can grab them from and get updates as they change: https://community.kde.org/Android/FDroid

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