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KDE Software on Android

Android is currently the mobile platform regarding market share and number of provided applications. Hence, it is a platform very well suited to increase the availability and usage of applications by the KDE community. In the following, we give an overview of the technical steps required to setup a build system for cross-compiling a Qt5/KF5 based Android application, the necessary steps to deploy it, and a reference list of the porting steps by different applications/people.

If you enter the field of cross-compiling and Qt on Android for the first time, the best start is to follow our tutorial:

Build Environment

There are different ways to setup a build environment:

  1. Use Ready-to-Build Docker Container - This is the most convenient way to setup a system. It also brings the advantage to have a clear separation between your Linux build system and your cross-compile system; in particularly when you require several cross-compiled libraries for your application.
  2. Setup your Build Environment Manually - This tutorial for setting up the cross-compiling environment requires considerably more time and brings the disadvantage to make no clear separation between your system and the cross-compile environment.


Example: Building Marble

cd /opt/android
git clone kde:marble
mkdir marble/build
cd marble/build
make install/strip


  • /PATH/TO/ECM/toolchain/Android.cmake must be replaced with the actual path to toolchain/Android.cmake, if using the docker image it probably is at /opt/android/kde/install/share/ECM/toolchain/Android.cmake
  • make install/strip strips build symbols from the binaries and reduces sizes considerably

Building with KDESRC-BUILD

For building the below mentioned frameworks on Android, you can use the following kdesrc-buildrc config file:

cd /opt/android
git clone git://
mkdir -p extragear/kdesrc-build
git clone git:// extragear/kdesrc-build
ln -s extragear/kdesrc-build/kdesrc-build kdesrc-build
ln -s kdesrc-conf-android/kdesrc-buildrc kdesrc-buildrc
./kdesrc-build extra-cmake-modules frameworks-android

Packaging and Deployment of APKs

See ECM Android Toolchain documentation.

KDE Frameworks 5 & Third Party Libraries

KDE Frameworks 5

  • supported frameworks are listed at [1]

Third Party Libraries

Further References


Application specific build instructions:

Blog posts about building for Android (careful: instructions may be outdated)


If you want to join us the best place is the IRC channel and mailing list:

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