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General Information


June 1st to June 7th 2011


Randa, Switzerland

How to get there

Randa and Switzerland is in the middle of Europe and as this reachable from several directions. There are three possible airports:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
    • By train via Zurich and Visp (change the train there). Duration: slightly more than 3 hours
  • Geneva, Switzerland
    • By train via Visp (change the train there). Duration: 3 and a half hours.
  • Milano Malpensa, Italy
    • By train via Visp (change the train there). Duration: atm unknown. Still investigating.

The track from Visp to Randa is frequented by a very famous train: the Glacier Express which is known as slowest fast train of the world ;-).

From these airports you'll take the trains to reach Randa (which takes approx. 3 hours). Information about the train schedules can be found on the webpage of the Swiss federal railways SFR.

Once you get to Randa, the House is easy to find. From North to South, arriving at the Randa Train Station you will go up the street then turn right then go 500m straight ahead and the House is there.

Please see the OpenStreetMap and this satellite picture of Randa.

The house itself is pictured here.

Important Notice

If you take the train from either the Swiss border or one of the Airports to Randa, you can get a reduced price ticket, called the "Swiss Transfer Ticket 2nd Class". The validity is one month. It has to be ordered on this website: http://www.swisstravelsystem.com/produkttexte.php?passid=3 . You might also be able to purchase at a local partner (see below).

The return ticket fare is Fr. 127.- for both ways (a normal price return ticket 2nd class form Geneva Airport would be Fr. 170.-, one form ZH Airport Fr. 218.-).

CAREFUL: if you order the ticket online it will cost you an additional fee to get it delivered, depending on the country you live in. Please double check that this is not higher than a regular ticket price before ordering.

HINT: If you haven't bought your "Swiss Transfer Ticket" yet, you can still do so at your home destination via the reselling partners:

Organisational details

Since the house is large enough we will be able to get a separate room for team discussions and work.

Sprint Topics

Please add your topic suggestions below with a short outline of the idea.


Name email arrival date departure date transport food requirement room preference needs sponsoring approx. amount
Myriam Schweingruber myriam @ kde.org 1.6. 7.6. by car none single yes tbd
Mark Kretschmann [email protected] 1.6. 7.6. by car none single yes tbd

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