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Testing Amarok

This is a TODO-list for testing Amarok before release. It's intended to cover all features and functionalities of Amarok. If something is missing, please add it to list.

Warning: Don't report that doesn't work if you just haven't added your credentials, you need a user account and activate it in the Amarok Settings -> Configure Amarok ->Plugins section by entering your credentials! Some services (radio) are only available to paying subscribers.

Please report failed tests to

For users of Amarok on Windows, please see the tests in this page: Testing on Windows

Important Tests for a release

New Installation

It is very important to test a new installation: this can be done by creating a new user quite easily, as all the configurations are stored individually for each user.

Upgraded Installation

  • Check start-up time the first and the subsequent times
  • Check existing collection
    • ratings, play counts, first & last played times, labels, lyrics
  • Check existing playlists
  • Check existing plugins

Main and Slim Toolbars

  • Using main toolbar to...
    • change track by clicking previous/next song name
    • seek music (with the FastForward - FastBackward keyboard shortcuts and by clicking on the progress slider) in different formats (mp3, flac, ogg..)
    • check artist, album and name of next/previous/current song by hovering
    • play or pause playing
    • adjust volume
    • bookmark position of song
    • like song at
  • Using slim toolbar to...
    • change track by clicking previous/next -buttons
    • seek music in different formats (mp3, flac, ogg...)
    • play, pause or stop playing
    • adjust volume
    • bookmark position of song
    • like song at

Media Sources View

Local Music

Local Collection

  • Browsing tracks in tree view and merged view
  • Ctrl+F should focus collection search and show local collection even if previously hidden
  • Searching from collection (artists, albums, year, etc.) in both tree view and merged view
  • Use "Edit filters" with various presets
  • Sort/nest tracks, albums and artists with different settings
    • collapse and expand the tree with different presets, check if album art is visible in Album sort mode, select/unselect year, etc.
  • Right-click on artist to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • mass-edit track details(artist name, genre)
    • organize files(different naming formats, etc.)
    • play similiar artists from
    • bookmark it.
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Right-click on album to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • mass-edit track details(artist name, genre, year, album name)
    • organize files(different naming formats, etc.)
    • show under various artists
    • fetch cover, set cover, display cover, unset cover(for more, check cover manager part of this list)
    • bookmark it.
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Right-click on track to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • edit track details
    • organize file(different naming formats, etc.)
    • show under various artists
    • love it at
    • add position marker
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Update collection from Tools->Update Collection

iPod Collection

Only iPods supported by libgpod are supported by Amarok. Recent models aren't usually supported until reverse-engineered, please always check that you have latest libgpod and the list of supported devices on site.

  • iPod collection should show up in Local Music in a few seconds after iPod is plugged in
  • copy tracks to/from iPod: album cover images should be transfered in both directions, compilation status should survive copying
  • drag & drop files to Amarok playlist, play them; stop playling
  • test disconnect behaviour:
    • leave some iPod songs in playlist
    • disconnect iPod from within Amarok or Plasma Device Notifier
    • iPod tracks in playlist should gray-out (perhaps only when hovered by mouse)
    • right-click an iPod song → Edit Track Details. It should be visible that the track is no longer editable
    • While transferring tracks.
  • check that songs, compilations and cover images display/play correctly on iPod

Nepomuk Collection

  • If Nepomuk is found in the system, Nepomuk collection should show up in Settings -> Configure Amarok -> Plugins
  • Nepomuk plugin should not be enabled by default.
  • If Nepomuk and Nepomuk plugin is enabled, Nepomuk collection should start initializing after Amarok starts.
  • The tracks in Nepomuk collection should start playing when double clicked or added to the playlist.
  • Right click on any track -> Edit Track details -> Tags, the fields should be grayed out.
  • The collection should show all tracks from folders indexed by Nepomuk
  • When you change the rating of a song, other applications like Dolphin which use Nepomuk should reflect these changes
  • Move a track listed in Nepomuk collection using a file manager like Dolphin, the track should still be usable.

Other Media Devices Collection

Same tests as for iPods, but in particular:

  • Check detection of automatic mode in MTP/MSC capable players (doesn't work currently)
  • Check detection and functionalites of MTP devices
  • Check detection and functionalites of MSC/USB devices

Remote collections

  • DAAP
  • UPnP collection
  • NFS collection
  • SAMBA shares


  • For (needs to be enabled first in the plugins):
    • check that sees an already open KDE wallet
    • check that scrobbling happens
    • Check that Love/Skip/Ban do work (check on your website profile in your recent activity)
  • For users with a payed subscription (see also changes to the radio availability from January 2013):
    • Check that your radio station works
    • Check that your Mix Radio works
    • Check that your recommendations works
    • Check that your neighborhood works
    • Check that the Top Artists work
    • Check that the tags show and you can load tracks with these tags
    • Check that Friends and Neighbors show
  • From Cool Streams (script that needs to be enabled first):.
    • Add streams to playlist
    • Replace playlist with stream
    • Copy stream playlists to collection
    • Sort streams with different settings
    • Edit track details->Tags should be grayed out
  • From
    • Update database
    • Sort/nest tracks, albums and artists with different settings
    • Copy/download albums or tracks to collection
    • Play similiar artists from
    • Bookmark items
    • Add tracks to playlist
    • Replace playlist with a track
    • Edit track details->Tags should be grayed out


  • Ctrl+J should focus playlist search

Dynamic Playlists

  • Test default biases
  • Edit biases
  • Add new biases
  • Clone playlists
  • Repopulate playlist

Saved Playlists

  • Save to disk
  • Save to database
  • Load playlist
  • Replace playlist
  • Rename playlist
  • Export playlist

Automatic Playlist Generator

  • Ensure saved presets have all been loaded with all their constraints
  • Ensure that presets persist across sessions
  • Create and delete presets
  • Export and import constraints
  • Add and remove constraints from a preset
  • Change settings in each constraint
  • Run the Generator using each of the presets, and ensure that the Generator returns reasonable results
  • Cancel a running Generator job


  • Browse through some directories, both by clicking on the directories and the icons as well ans with the breadcrumbs
  • Use different search options
  • Bookmark paths
    • See if the bookmarked paths work on application restart
    • Also check to see if you can edit bookmarks and create a bookmark folder


Menu bar


  • Playing media selected with dialog opened by clicking Open media-item
  • Changing to previous/next track
  • Start/stop/pause playing
  • Stop after current track
  • Quit(is it clean exit with by using it, does Amarok quit properly)


  • "Lock layout" should be selected by default
  • Unlocking layout should let Context view, Media Sources and Playlist view to be closed
  • Changing to Slim toolbar from Main toolbar should be clean.
  • Context view, Media Sources and Playlist view should be always re-sizable


  • Add media from
  • Save current playlist
    • save playlist to Amarok database
    • save playlist on disk
  • Adding media to playlist with Add Media-item
  • Adding different types of media streams(pls..) by clicking Add Stream-item
  • Undo/Redo changes made in playlist
  • Clearing playlist with Clear playlist-item
  • Removing duplicates with Remove duplicates-item
  • Exporting playlist
  • Using different playlist layouts including...
    • All default playlist layouts
    • Customized layouts
  • Use Queue Editor


Bookmark Manager

  • Does already added bookmarks appear
  • Adding bookmark of Context View Applets
  • Adding bookmark of Media Source View
  • Adding bookmark of Playlist Setup
  • Adding bookmark of Current Track Position
  • Adding folders and sub-folders
  • Does added bookmark loads up cleanly

Cover Manager

  • Browsing folders by artist
  • Searching covers by album name
  • Searching covers by artist name
  • Searching covers with keyword + albums with cover/albums without cover
  • Fetching missing covers automatically
  • Fetching cover for specific album...
    • from
    • from Google
    • from Yahoo!
    • from Discogs
    • Fetching cover with custom keywords
    • Sorting covers by size
    • Clearing view
    • Selecting and changing cover
  • Setting custom cover from file system(png, jpeg..)
  • Displaying cover
  • Unsetting cover



  • Switch between different moodbar styles (Angry, frozen etc.)
  • Check if "Automatically scroll playlist to current track" works
  • Check if "Automatically retrieve cover art" works


  • Add directories to collection and check whether all tracks in the specified directories are added
  • Use Full rescan button to rescan the specified directories
  • Use different importers to import track information
  • Select "Watch folders for changes" and check if it works


  • Use "Synchronize Rating" to sync ratings of tracks
  • Check if "Forget about selected collection" works
  • Enable Character set detection in ID3 tags
  • Enable "Write statistics to file" and check if it works


  • Change position of On-Screen-Display
  • Use custom colors with OSD
  • Change Duration of OSD
  • Enable "Don't show when a full screen application is active"


  • Change fadeout duration
  • Change phonon backend and check if amarok crashes
  • Test if "Resume playback on start" works as expected

Script Manager

  • Installing scripts
  • Uninstalling scripts
  • Enabling scripts
  • Disabling scripts
  • Installing new scripts from the Internet

Context View

  • Add/remove applets
    • Add/remove them not only by right clicking>add applet but also by clicking the toolbox button at the bottom right.
  • Test applet functionalities for
    • Current Track
    • Wikipedia
    • Lyrics
    • Albums
    • Info: test with Jamenado, Magantune and other services
    • Similar Artists
    • Guitar Tags
    • Upcoming Events
    • Photos
    • Labels
  • Re-position applets

Playlist View

  • Move tracks around changing place
  • Remove tracks from playlist
  • test different playlist sorting, including shuffle
  • Set various track progressions use favors
  • Test clear playlist button
  • Load + save a playlist
    • Save as a playlist to disk
    • Save as a playlist to collection
  • Add + listen to radio streams
  • Try adding and playing a podcast
  • Try changing filter levels and matching by artists,albums and so on

Nice to test

General Layout

  • Unlocking and locking layout
  • Removing items from layout
  • Adding items to layout
  • Adjusting size of items in layout
  • Moving items in layout


  • Using presets
  • Modifying values
  • Saving a preset
  • Deleting a preset
  • Resetting values to default

Network Request Viewer

  • Browsing network requests
  • Viewing details of request