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Testing Amarok

This is a TODO-list for testing Amarok before release. It's intended to cover all features and functionalities of Amarok. If something is missing, please add it to list.

Warning: Don't report that last.fm doesn't work if you just haven't added your credentials, you need a user account and activate it in the Amarok Settings -> Configure Amarok ->Plugins section by entering your credentials! Some last.fm services (radio) are only available to paying subscribers.

Please report failed tests to https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=amarok

Important Tests for a release

New Installation

It is very important to test a new installation: this can be done by creating a new user quite easily, as all the configurations are stored individually for each user.

Upgraded Installation

  • Check start-up time the first and the subsequent times
  • Check existing collection
    • ratings, play counts, first & last played times, labels, lyrics
  • Check existing playlists
  • Check existing plugins

Main and Slim Toolbars

  • Using main toolbar to...
    • change track by clicking previous/next song name
    • change track by dragging song names
    • seek music (with the FastForward - FastBackward keyboard shortcuts and by clicking on the progress slider) in different formats (mp3, flac, ogg..)
    • check artist, album and name of next/previous/current song by hovering
    • play or pause playing
    • adjust volume
    • bookmark position of song
    • like song at last.fm
  • Using slim toolbar to...
    • change track by clicking previous/next -buttons
    • seek music in different formats (mp3, flac, ogg...)
    • play, pause or stop playing
    • adjust volume
    • bookmark position of song
    • like song at last.fm

Media Sources View

Local Music

Local Collection

  • Browsing tracks in treeview
  • Ctrl+F should focus collection search and show local collection even if previously hidden
  • Searching from collection (artists, albums, year, etc.)
  • Sort/nest tracks, albums and artists with different settings
  • Right-click on artist to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • mass-edit track details(artist name, genre)
    • organize files(different naming formats, etc.)
    • play similiar artists from Last.fm
    • bookmark it.
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Right-click on album to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • mass-edit track details(artist name, genre, year, album name)
    • organize files(different naming formats, etc.)
    • show under various artists
    • fetch cover, set cover, display cover, unset cover(for more, check cover manager part of this list)
    • bookmark it.
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Right-click on track to...
    • add it to the playlist.
    • replace the playlist.
    • edit track details
    • organize file(different naming formats, etc.)
    • show under various artists
    • love it at Last.fm
    • add position marker
    • delete tracks: "Move Tracks to Trash" (remember to have backup!)
  • Update collection from Tools->Update Collection

iPod Collection

Only iPods supported by libgpod are supported by Amarok. Recent models aren't usually supported until reverse-engineered, please always check that you have latest libgpod and the list of supported devices on gtkpod.org site.

  • iPod collection should show up in Local Music in a few seconds after iPod is plugged in
  • copy tracks to/from iPod: album cover images should be transfered in both directions, compilation status should survive copying
  • drag & drop files to Amarok playlist, play them; stop playling
  • test disconnect behaviour:
    • leave some iPod songs in playlist
    • disconnect iPod from within Amarok or Plasma Device Notifier
    • iPod tracks in playlist should gray-out (perhaps only when hovered by mouse)
    • right-click an iPod song → Edit Track Details. It should be visible that the track is no longer editable
  • check that songs, compilations and cover images display/play correctly on iPod

Nepomuk Collection

  • If Nepomuk is found in the system, Nepomuk collection should show up in Settings -> Configure Amarok -> Plugins
  • Nepomuk plugin should not be enabled by default.
  • If Nepomuk and Nepomuk plugin is enabled, Nepomuk collection should start initializing after Amarok starts.
  • The tracks in Nepomuk collection should start playing when double clicked or added to the playlist.
  • Right click on any track -> Edit Track details -> Tags, the fields should be grayed out.
  • The collection should show all tracks from folders indexed by Nepomuk
  • When you change the rating of a song, other applications like Dolphin which use Nepomuk should reflect these changes

Other Media Devices Collection

Same tests as for iPods, but in particular:

  • Check detection of automatic mode in MTP/MSC capable players (doesn't work currently)
  • Check detection and functionalites of MTP devices
  • Check detection and functionalites of MSC/USB devices

Remote collections

  • DAAP
  • UPnP collection
  • NFS collection
  • SAMBA shares


  • For last.fm (needs to be enabled first in the plugins):
    • check that last.fm sees an already open KDE wallet
    • check that scrobbling happens
  • From Cool Streams (script that needs to be enabled first):.
    • Add streams to playlist
    • Replace playlist with stream
    • Copy stream playlists to collection
    • Sort streams with different settings
  • From Jamendo.com:
    • Update database
    • Sort/nest tracks, albums and artists with different settings
    • Copy/download albums or tracks to collection
    • Play similiar artists from Last.fm
    • Bookmark items


  • Ctrl+J should focus playlist search

Dynamic Playlists

  • Test default biases
  • Edit biases
  • Add new biases

Saved Playlists

  • Save to disk
  • Save to database
  • Load playlist
  • Rename playlist

Automatic Playlist Generator

  • Ensure saved presets have all been loaded with all their constraints
  • Ensure that presets persist across sessions
  • Create and delete presets
  • Export and import constraints
  • Add and remove constraints from a preset
  • Change settings in each constraint
  • Run the Generator using each of the presets, and ensure that the Generator returns reasonable results
  • Cancel a running Generator job



Menu bar


  • Playing media selected with dialog opened by clicking Open media-item
  • Changing to previous/next track
  • Start/stop/pause playing
  • Stop after current track
  • Quit(is it clean exit with by using it, does Amarok quit properly)


  • Adding media to playlist with Add Media-item
  • Adding different types of media streams(pls..) by clicking Add Stream-item
  • Undo/Redo changes made in playlist
  • Clearing playlist with Clear playlist-item
  • Removing duplicates with Remove duplicates-item
  • Using different playlist layouts including...
    • All default playlist layouts
    • Customized layouts


Bookmark Manager

  • Does already added bookmarks appear
  • Adding bookmark of Context View Applets
  • Adding bookmark of Media Source View
  • Adding bookmark of Playlist Setup
  • Adding bookmark of Current Track Position
  • Adding folders and sub-folders

Cover Manager

  • Browsing folders by artist
  • Searching covers by album name
  • Searching covers by artist name
  • Searching covers with keyword + albums with cover/albums without cover
  • Fetching missing covers automatically
  • Fetching cover for specific album...
    • from Last.fm
    • from Google
    • from Yahoo!
    • from Discogs
    • Fetching cover with custom keywords
    • Sorting covers by size
    • Clearing view
    • Selecting and changing cover
  • Setting custom cover from file system(png, jpeg..)
  • Displaying cover
  • Unsetting cover

Script Manager

  • Installing scripts
  • Uninstalling scripts
  • Enabling scripts
  • Disabling scripts
  • Installing new scripts from the Internet

Context View

  • Add/remove applets
  • Test applet functionalities for
    • Current Track
    • Wikipedia
    • Lyrics
    • Albums
    • Info
    • Similar Artists
    • Guitar Tags
    • Upcoming Events
    • Photos
    • Labels
    • Spectrum Analyzer

Playlist View

  • Move tracks around changing place
  • test different playlist sorting, including shuffle
  • Set various track progressions use favors
  • Save as a playlist to disk
  • Save as a playlist to collection

Nice to test

General Layout

  • Unlocking and locking layout
  • Removing items from layout
  • Adding items to layout
  • Adjusting size of items in layout
  • Moving items in layout


  • Using presets
  • Modifying values
  • Saving a preset
  • Deleting a preset
  • Resetting values to default

Network Request Viewer

  • Browsing network requests
  • Viewing details of request

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