Meta System Rewrite

Step 1: prevent circular dependencies

Matêj: 5 days

Step 2: Simplify Compilation: Genre, Label, ...

Matêj: ? days

Step 3: Multi-label, -genre, -trackArtist

Matêj: ? days

Playback::{Queue, Controller}

Basic functionality and simple QML based UI

Bart: 15 days

Dynamic Playlist refactor to Meta::Playlist and Queue

Ralf: ? days

Feature compatible with 2.6 The::Playlist

Team: ? days

KPlugin -> QPlugin

Mark: 2 days

Likeback improvements

These changes are to improve likeback as a team tool. The alternative is complete removal, but we feel it can be very useful.

Fix dialog layout

It's not properly resizing. This is usually fixed by using the UI file more/properly.

Should be fairly trivial but tedious, likely just playing with QBoxLayout margins, size policies and stretch factors.

Send comments to forums

The user forums is a much better place to handle these. They are properly monitored and admined.

Remove comment fields from like and dislike

People keep using it for support request, remove the temptation. Could be replaced by radio button group with fixed choises

Generate statistics for amarok-devel

Since we mention it's only to be used for statistical purposes, let's use it that way. There should be summery mail send to [email protected] every week.

Organize Dialog


Ralf: ? days

With extra preset dialog

Ralf: 2 days

Export playlist from PlaylistFileProvider

Ralf: 3 days


Basics, desktop UI

Bart: ? days

Cool stream refactor as simple test case

Mark: ? days

GPodder refactor as complex test case

Lucas: 2 weeks

Ampache & ownCloud Service

Lucas: 3 weeks

CollectionManager Refactor

Slim Down (- ServiceCollection and assoc. mess)

Matêj: ? days

Move into core

Matêj: ? days

Individual Services/Collections

Matêj: ? days

Git user test team organization

Myriam: ? days

Directory Structure & CMake targets

Team (lead by Mark and Matêj: ? days

PopUpDropper simplification & UI tweaks

Mark: ? days

Release Planning

2.7: GSoC projects

Statistics is ready to go in, Spotify and Nepomuk need some polish, tomahawk is unknown, QML is not supposed for immediate inclusion.

2.8: MTP, core code improvements & bugfixes

2.9: Last feature release of 2.x series

2.95: Amarok 3 tech preview: PlaybackQueue

2.96: Amarok 3 tech preview: QMLified browsers

2.97: alpha of Amarok 3

2.98: Beta 1 of Amarok 3

2.99: Beta 2 of Amarok 3

Amarok 3

Bugfixes to Amarok 2 continue

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