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''Team (lead by Mark and Matêj'': ? days
''Team (lead by Mark and Matêj'': ? days
= PupupDropper simplification & UI tweaks =
= PopUpDropper simplification & UI tweaks =
''Mark'': ? days
''Mark'': ? days

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Meta System Rewrite

Step 1: prevent circular dependencies

Matêj: 5 days

Step 2: Simplify Compilation: Genre, Label, ...

Matêj: ? days

Step 3: Multi-label, -genre, -trackArtist

Matêj: ? days

Playback::{Queue, Controller}

Basic functionality and simple QML based UI

Bart: 15 days

Dynamic Playlist refactor to Meta::Playlist and Queue

Ralf: ? days

Feature compatible with 2.6 The::Playlist

Team: ? days

KPlugin -> QPlugin

Mark: 2 days

Organize Dialog


Ralf: ? days

With extra preset dialog

Ralf: 2 days

Export playlist from PlaylistFileProvider

Ralf: 3 days


Basics, desktop UI

Bart: ? days

Cool stream refactor as simple test case

Mark: ? days

GPodder refactor as complex test case

Lucas: ? days

CollectionManager Refactor

Slim Down (- ServiceCollection and assoc. mess)

Matêj: ? days

Move into core

Matêj: ? days

Individual Services/Collections

Matêj: ? days

Git user test team organization

Myriam: ? days

Directory Structure & CMake targets

Team (lead by Mark and Matêj: ? days

PopUpDropper simplification & UI tweaks

Mark: ? days

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