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This page is meant to show the status of the port of Amarok to Qt5/Frameworks5 and Plasma5.

Status of targets

This shows the status of the port of the files and these files are divided according to the targets.

Please use the following markups where needed:



Target files Cmake Port Qt5 Port KF5 Port Compiles? Warnings? Remarks/Changes
shared/CMakeLists.txt DONE -- -- -- -- * amarokshared is dependent on Qt5::Core, Qt5::Gui
shared/FileType.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/FileTypeResolver.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes Yes * KMimeType changed to QMimeType
shared/MetaReplayGain.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/MetaTagLib.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes Yes --
shared/TagsFromFileNameGuesser.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/collectionscanner/Album.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/collectionscanner/BatchFile.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/collectionscanner/Directory.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/collectionscanner/Playlist.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/collectionscanner/ScanningState.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No * QDataStream header added
shared/collectionscanner/Track.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/APETagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/ASFTagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/ID3v2TagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/MP4TagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/StringHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/TagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --
shared/tag_helpers/VorbisCommentTagHelper.cpp -- DONE DONE Yes No --

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