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New Playlist Wizard

Amarok1 File:Amarok-1.jpg The above are the four steps of the wizard. The idea is that the wizard would only show the first and then the appropriate last step. The crucial change in the Smart playlist creation dialog is that the Match... section now uses a checkable frame. This is unfortunately not available in KDE 3.2, but since this wouldn't go into amaroK until 1.3 anyway, I think we'd be safe :)

   My feelings on this are that are a wizard is a little too much work for the user. Still try it and we'll see. I'd think a simple toolbar button with drop down to make a new playlist and then using drag and drop would be quicker while still being easy and, of course, more amaroK-like. Good ideas here though Mxcl
       I suppose you could make it not a wizard, but a more specialised interface... Make the three radio buttons into proper buttons, in turn showing a new dialog and not another step in a wizard... That way we could actually combine your idea with this, have a single click spawn the dialog with descriptions and the three options, then have a combo buttons allowing you to make each of the three directly :) --Leinir 09:58, 15 Mar 2005 (EST)
           Well then you are compromising such that the approach is half-hearted and not an improvement. I think the best approach is both a wizard and a drag and drop system.
               Good call :) (I don't really like the second option I suggested either, I just thougt I'd do brainstorm and toss out the idea so it didn't get completely lost) --Leinir 19:52, 18 Mar 2005 (EST)

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