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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Good:

  • Recent labs (P4 3.2Ghz HT / 2Gb RAM / SATA Bring-your-own-drive / PXE)
  • About 30 computers per lab
  • Huge internet backbone
  • Everyone gets a public IP address
  • Projectors for presentations, and Wii (modded with all games:P) party !
  • Hosted in a college (Maisonneuve's College www.cmaisonneuve.qc.ca)
  • Near a subway station, access to the entire city for cheap, with a weekly pass
  • Warm weather in summer ... Pool party at Paleo's place !
  • Would be possible to stay at Paleo's place too, with tents.
  • Else, there are a bunch of cheap hostel.
  • What else ?

The Bad

  • Only Paleo is nearby, and I'm not even THAT important for the meeting (Only taking care of server stuff)


The Good

  • MIT probably has some computers; more IP addresses then China
  • We can volunteer Jeff to hook us up with a computer lab. lfranchi won't be there, but he might also be able to reserve us a lab and space.
  • Foreboy, Hydrogen, Jeff are all nearby

The Bad

  • Fairly expensive (probably still cheaper then Europe)


The Good

  • Akademy 30th June to 7th July 2007
  • cool to hang out with other KDE folks, see some talks
  • cheap airline flight for all european devs
  • William Wallace
  • The English

Good or bad?

  • funding from KDE e.V. would either be easier (they actually had money left over last time) or more problematic
    seems like we could apply as a group, point out that we have ~$6000 that we'd be willing to spend ourselves (matching?)
  • not sure if the laptopless would have computers (those who attended past akademy's fix this)

The Bad

  • The British Pound (two USD per pound!)


The Good

  • Beer and chocolate.
  • Beer
  • Chocolate
  • Can be organised by Bart and Wendy, with help from KDE-NL

The Bad

  • Need a good location for both accommodation and computer labs. Have both, just not very close together. --Bart--

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