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A suggestion and TODO page for the integrated Magnatune store


  • List weirdness. The list fetches info dynamically from the database. Sometimes the size of the list vie wis not updated correctly
  • Make browser hidden by default
  • Check for existance of Magnatune tables in database before querrying

Feature suggestions:

  • Ability to select lofi or hifi streams for people still on dialup.
  • Re-download manager. Redownload lost albums or download albums in a different file format
  • Fun with the "Send purchase download link to 3 friends". Contact framework in KDE 4?
  • Persuade Magnatune.com to make a better, smaler xml file suitable for SAX parsing
  • Automatic updating of database
  • Fetch database automatically on first run
  • Support Paypal payment when purchasing an album
  • Show the album cover also in the context browser
  • Playlist-handling should work like the collection browser: Possibility to ad load tracks OR append to playlist. Loaded tracks should replace the tracks already in the playlist.
  • Improve showing of track information: Sort information according to title, artist and album field.
  • Magnatune.com Browser doesn't show an icon yet.

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