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Amarok has many exciting features. Here's just tip of an iceberg:

Album covers

Amarok utilizes your existing album covers and displays them nicely in Context browser. If you do not have a cover, Amarok can download the appropriate one from the internet.

Lyrics support

Amarok automatically downloads and stores lyrics for your songs, thanks to the advanced and flexible scripting system.

Wikipedia integration

Amarok is one of the first applications which featured Wikipedia integration. Tons of information about your favorite artist is just one click away!

Contextual information

Smart Context browser will give you a quick view on your currently played music, and suggest similar track which you might like.


Easily track your music habits with flexible and powerfull rating browser. integration, the social music revolution comes to your doors! Amarok can submit information about your played tracks to your profile, thus letting you use rich set of features, like statistics, charts and more. Use Amarok to listen to internet streams, which follow your music taste.


Amarok looks great! Elegant visual effect hidden all around, album covers, visualisations, transparent On-Screen-Display, and skinable Context browser won't let you move your eyes off.

Multiple media devices support

A great number of media devices is supported by Amarok. To name just a few:

  • Apple iPod
  • iRiver iFP and T players
  • Creative Zen and Nomad players
  • Generic USB players
  • Generic MTP players