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Amarok Live

"there's a party in the CD" - Amarok, February 15, 2005 Release Notes for Amarok Live 180px-Bootsplash 01 256.jpg

Amarok Live is a stripped down LiveCD with a fully functional Amarok music player bundled with the tracks commissioned last year by Wired Magazine, which are distributed under the Creative Commons Sampling Licenses. It includes - among other major artists - tracks by the Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

Cool Things To Do with Amarok Live

  • Use it to show your friends that use MS Windows how cool apps do exist for Linux, so switching is possible
  • Explore the awesome new features of the latest version of Amarok
  • Enjoy the really good music that comes with it, that is licensed for free distribution
  • Remaster it with your own tracks or plug in your usb key full of music to use as a party playlist
  • Use three copies to make a bikini for your girlfriend :D

Project Goals

The goals of this project are:

  1. Create something cool to promote the Amarok 1.2 release.
  2. Offer an easy way to introduce people to Amarok, who otherwise wouldn't have experienced it. (e.g. Windows users)
  3. Provide a way to demonstrate the new features of Amarok when a suitable Linux installation is not available.

Eventually, we try to shrink down the image to around 250MB, which should ease up distribution.

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