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Amarok Live

"there's a party in the CD" - Amarok, February 15, 2005 Release Notes for Amarok Live 180px-Bootsplash 01 256.jpg

Amarok Live is a stripped down LiveCD with a fully functional Amarok music player bundled with the tracks commissioned last year by Wired Magazine, which are distributed under the Creative Commons Sampling Licenses. It includes - among other major artists - tracks by the Beastie Boys and David Byrne.

Cool Things To Do with Amarok Live

  • Use it to show your friends that use MS Windows how cool apps do exist for Linux, so switching is possible
  • Explore the awesome new features of the latest version of Amarok
  • Enjoy the really good music that comes with it, that is licensed for free distribution
  • Remaster it with your own tracks or plug in your usb key full of music to use as a party playlist
  • Use three copies to make a bikini for your girlfriend :D

Project Goals

The goals of this project are:

  1. Create something cool to promote the Amarok 1.2 release.
  2. Offer an easy way to introduce people to Amarok, who otherwise wouldn't have experienced it. (e.g. Windows users)
  3. Provide a way to demonstrate the new features of Amarok when a suitable Linux installation is not available.

Eventually, we try to shrink down the image to around 250MB, which should ease up distribution.


How To Get

Amarok Live is available via Bittorrent. It can also be downloaded via http and anonymous ftp thanks to our good friends at the University of California, Santa Cruz, School of Engineering.

http http://sluglug.ucsc.edu/pub/amarok/ ftp ftp://sluglug.ucsc.edu/pub/amarok/

You can get the torrent file from http://aurora.gkmweb.com:6969/

How To Run

Insert the CD and boot. In most cases, you can just hit return at the ISOLinux boot prompt. There are various cheat-codes / boot-parameters, that you can use if case of hardware trouble. The kernel image name is livecd, so the syntax would be:

 livecd cheatcode1 cheatcode2

Common Codes Full List of Cheat Codes

How To Remaster

To remaster the CD for the purpose of adding software packages or your own music, you need an empty partition and either an existing linux swap partition or a new one. You must also be using the 1.2.1a version of Amarok Live CD (1.2.1 did not include the perl-QT package which the installer needs). The basic steps of remastering are as follows:

* Boot the LiveCD, use diskdrake to create or modify your partitions as necessary
* Run the LiveCD installer (there should be an icon on the desktop)
* Finish the installation and reboot into the hard disk install
* Once booted into the hard drive install, use synaptic or apt-get to install any additional software you would like to be included on your custom Live CD, and add any music tracks under /music that you want to be included.
* Set up your desktop exactly how you want it to be and save the KDE session
* alt-ctrl-F1 to a console and login as root
* run the mkamarokcd script in /root, an iso will be created in /root
* burn the iso to a blank cd and enjoy.

You can also add music to the LiveCD without remastering. This process requires a kernel that supports the squashfs and about 1.5GB of free disk space. Instructions and the necessary scripts are here.

How To Mount a USB key in a Running LiveCD Session

It is really easy to use your usb key flash memory device to add music to the collection in the Amarok LiveCD so you can use it as a party playlist. Follow these simple instructions.

  • Plug your usb key in
  • open a terminal and become root (password is blank)
  • run diskdrake
  • select the usb partition, specify a mountpoint and then click the mount button
  • in amarok's collection browser, add the mountpoint to the watched folders list

Easy or what?


We'd love to hear your feedback on what you think of Amarok Live. A special forum has been set up to hear your bug reports, complaints, suggestions, and general comments.

beta2 to final changelog

  • updated kde splash to remove wolf icon (new image by tightcode)
  • updated boot instructions with new image provided by our friend tightcode
  • Added amarok icon to desktop and kicker
  • fixed problem of 2 cool-streams playlists showing up
  • fixed problem of some sound cards coming up muted
  • added cool audio bookmarks to konqueror
  • added new amarok themed bootsplash (again by tightcode)
  • cleaned konqueror cache and session cookies
  • package updates, Amarok to 1.2.1, kernel to 2.6.10, ALSA to 1.08
  • added locally cached copy of the Wired CD page so it will still display if the network is not up on the target machine (thanks again tightcode)
  • added about links to desktop, and removed open konqueror window
  • added LiveCD KDE logout image
  • added a lot of polish and tweaking to the window arrangement (details, details, details)

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