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This proposal is for an alternative version of the Amarok playlist view. It works by placing the track information underneath the row for the album as shown in the mock-up below. This helps to reduce clutter - particularly when one plays mostly albums rather than individual tracks. This is often the case for classical music, where an "album" is often a piece of work (e.g a symphony) containing multiple movements (tracks).

This playlist view has an additional benefit of taking up less space, as a separate column for the track's title is not needed. A third benefit is the ability to rate Albums rather than tracks. Again, this makes particular sense for classical music, where tracks (movements) are often just part of a composition and not stand alone works.

The album's tracklist is collapsible using the expand / collapse button - like in a filesystem's Tree view. Auto-expand would expand the album's tracklist when that album is being played.

Proposal is for Amarok 2.0, I welcome your comments..


1.1 - Album Cover added where there is enough room, as suggested by Mogger.


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