Alkimia/Development Environment


Install LibAlkimia

First of all you will need to install the LibAlkmia which first needs some requirements to be fulfilled as follows


  1. Qt Creator or KDevelop4 (personally, I find Qt Creator easier to grasp, even if less powerful in the end)
  2. KdeSVN
  3. Qt libs and docs
  4. KDE libs and docs
  5. automoc
  6. GMP (this is for mathematical calculations needed for the currency class)
  7. Boost libs
  8. cmake
After finishing the installations as mentioned above you need to follow the steps as follows
  1. Open the terminal and change the directory where you want the files to be downloaded.
  2. Use the svn link to download the files
  3. Now you will have the directory Alkimia downloaded with a lot of files.
    Change the current directory to libalkimia(present inside the Alkimia directory)
    cd alkimia/libalkimia

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