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Each year the KDE Community awards contributors the Akademy Awards, who have made a special contribution recently. The judges for the awards are the winners from the previous year.

There are 3 awards:

  • Best application
  • Best non-application contribution
  • Jury award


  • Best Application: Bhushan Shah for creating an entirely new platform for our applications: Plasma Mobile
  • Best Non-Application: Carl Schwan for their work on KDE's web presence
  • Jury's Award: Luigi Toscano for their many years of contributions to KDE's localization efforts and infrastructure


  • Best Application: Marco Martin for work on the Kirigami framework
  • Best Non-Application: Nate Graham for persistent work on the "KDE Usability & Productivity" blog
  • Jury's Awards: Volker Krause for long term contributions to KDE including; KNode, KDE PIM, KDE Itinerary and the UserFeedback framework


  • Best Application: Aditya Mehra for work on the Mycroft integration providing KDE with a free speech assistant which is free as in freedom
  • Best Non-Application: Valorie Zimmerman for work driving KDE's mentoring programs and the Community Working Group, and being one of KDE's good souls
  • Jury's Awards:
    • Sebastian Kügler for many years of relentless hacking and more (Plasma, KDE Marketing, years in the KDE e.V. Board)
    • David Edmundson for work on Telepathy, porting applications to Frameworks 5, Plasma, KWin, KWayland, and being the crazy guy around
    • Mario Fux for supporting KDE over many years through organizing the Randa meetings


  • Best Application: Kai Uwe Broulik for his valuable work on Plasma
  • Best Non-Application: Cornelius Schumacher for his long term contributions to KDE
  • Jury's Award: Martin Konold & Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer for their work on the KDE Free Qt Foundation


  • Best Application: Dominik Haumann and Christoph Cullmann for their work making Kate and the related parts
  • Best Non-Application: Aleix Pol for his work not just on KDE code but also on the community with KDE e.V. as a board member and KDE España
  • Jury's Award: Daniel Vrátil and the KDE PIMsters for creating and maintaining the largest suite of communication applications in the world


  • Best Application: Milian Wolff and the KDevelop team for their work on KDevelop
  • Best Non-Application: Jens Reuterberg & the Visual Design Group for The Breeze interface design
  • Jury's Award: Albert Vaca for the KDE Connect application.
  • Jury's Award: Scarlett Clark for her work advancing the continuous integration infrastructure to more platforms and modules


  • Best Application: Jean-Baptiste Mardelle for his work on Kdenlive
  • Best Non-Application: Michael Pyne for eleven years of kdesrc-build
  • Jury's Award: Ben Cooksley for planning out our systems and keeping them running smoothly


  • Best Application: Eike Hein for his work on Konversation
  • Best Non-Application: Vishesh Handa for taking over the Nepomuk maintainer hat and rocking at stabilizing the beast
  • Jury's Award: Timothee Giet for shaping the future and community of Krita
  • Jury's Award: Kenny Duffus for being the memory and soul of Akademy


  • Best Application: Camilla Boemann for her work on Calligra Words
  • Best Non-Application: Lydia Pintscher for her huge work within KDE and especially on the GSOC/SOK-project
  • Jury's Award: Kévin Ottens and Nicolás Alvarez for working on the future of KDE (Frameworks 5 & Git conversion)


  • Best Application: Martin Gräßlin for his work on KWin
  • Best Non-Application: Dario Andres for his work with the bug triaging team
  • Jury's Award: Tom Albers in building up the KDE sysadmin team, while continuing to do much work himself


  • Best Application: Aurélien Gâteau for his work on Gwenview
  • Best Non-Application: Anne Wilson for her work in user support
  • Jury's Award: Burkhard Lück for his work on improving the state of KDE documentation


  • Best Application: Peter Penz for his work on Dolphin
  • Best Non-Application: Celeste Lyn Paul for work in the usability team
  • Jury's Award: David Faure for greatest service to KDE


  • Best Application: Mark Kretschmann and the Amarok team
  • Best Non-Application: Nuno Pinheiro and the Oxygen team
  • Jury's Award: Aaron Seigo for his work on Plasma


  • Best Application: Sebastian Trueg for K3B
  • Best Non-Application: Matthias Kretz for his great work on Phonon
  • Jury's Award: Danny Allen for the Commit Digest


  • Best Application: Boudewijn Rempt for Krita
  • Best Non-Application: Alexander Neundorf for his work on CMake in KDE4
  • Jury's Award: Laurent Montel for KDE4 Commit Champion


  • Best Application: Albert Astals Cid and Enrico Ros for their work on KPDF
  • Best Non-Application: Lauri Watts for KDE documentation coordination
  • Jury's Award: Stephan Kulow and Oswald Buddenhagen for the effort they have put into the Subversion migration

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