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Konqi at Akademy!

In 2020 Akademy will be held online from Friday 4th to Friday 11th September.

Akademy 2020 Home Page

You can find the schedule, sponsors, etc. at the Akademy 2020 Home Page

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions, workshops & meetings

A number of smaller meetings and discussions are taking place at Akademy. You can find their schedule below. You can schedule a new one by editing the schedule pages.

List of all BoFs

Monday (7 September) BoF schedule

Tuesday (8 September) BoF schedule

Wednesday (9 September) BoF schedule

Thursday (10 September) BoF schedule

Friday (11 September) BoF schedule


There will be trainings available at Akademy. For more information on what trainings are available please visit the Trainings Schedule

Practical information

Matrix: https://webchat.kde.org/#/room/#akademy:kde.org

IRC: #akademy on Freenode

Telegram: https://telegram.me/KDEAkademy

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