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Useful words and phrases in English and Italian

There are some particularities in pronouncing some letters in Italian, see the following
Letter explanation Examples
double consonants those have to be pronounced, either by doubling it or accentuating it, as the meaning of a word can change completely cassa (vs. casa), pappa (vs. papà)
ch a c followed by an h is pronounced like a - k - bruschetta, gnocchi, zucchini
gli the g is not pronounced, instead pronounce it like - lli -- figlio, glielo, consiglio
gn the "g" is not pronounced, instead say a nasal - "n" - gnocchi
à è ì ò ù Many Italian words are accentuated on the first syllable, but not if there is an accent on the vowel: lunedì, caffè, farò

Words & Phrases


English Italian
Yes Si
No No
I only speak english Parlo solo inglese
I don’t understand Non capisco
Could you repeat, please? Puoi ripetere per favore?

Greetings & Politeness

English Italian
Hello Ciao
Nice to meet you Piacere (di conoscerti)
Thank you Grazie
You’re welcome Prego
Please Per favore
Excuse me (Mi) scusi
Good morning Buon Giorno
Good evening Buona sera
How are you? Come va?
See you soon Arrivederci
What’s your name? Come si chiama?

Tourism & Places & Buying

English Italian
1 beer please Una birra per favore
1 big beer please Una grande birra per favore
1 small beer please Una piccola birra per favore
How much does this cost? Quanto costa questo?
I want to buy this (or: I would like to buy this) Voglio comprare questo ( vorrei comprare questo)
Where is _____? Dove si trova____?
Do you sell _____ ? Vendete _____?
Do you have _____ ? Avete ____ ?
I'm a vegetarian/vegan Sono un vegetariano/vegano
How long does it take to get to ____? Quanto tempo ci vuole per arrivare ____?
Which subway / train / tram do I take to get to ____? Quale metropolitana / treno / tram devo prendere per arrivare a ___?
Which bus do I take to get to ____? Quale autobus devo prendere per arrivare a ___?
Can I from here to ____ ? Kann ich von hier nach ____ kommen?
May I take photographs in this museum? Kann ich in diesem Museum fotografieren?
How old is ____ ? Wie alt ist _____?
Could you please take a picture for us? Können sie bitte ein Foto für uns machen?
How much does it cost to enter? Wieviel koste der Eintritt?
What time does the museum / shop / bar close? Wann schließt dieses Museum / Shop / Bar?
Is this museum / shop / bar open on Sunday? Ist dieses Museum / dieser Shop / diese Bar am Sonntag offen?
Does this bus go to ___? Geht dieser Bus nach _____?
How much is a ticket to ___? Wieviel ist das Ticket nach ____?
How long is the bus ride? Wie lange braucht dieser Bus?
Supermarket Supermarkt
Bakery Bäckerei
Pharmacy Apotheke
I’d like to pay in cash Ich will in bar zahlen
I’d like to pay by credit / debit card Ich will mit Kreditkarte / Bankomatkarte zahlen
Where is the nearest ATM? Wo is der nächste Bankomat?


English German
1 Eins
2 Zwei
3 Drei
4 Vier
5 Fünf
6 Sechs
7 Sieben
8 Acht
9 Neun
10 Zehn
11 Elf
12 Zwölf
13 Dreizehn
14 Vierzehn
15 Fünfzehn
16 Sechzehn
17 Siebzehn
18 Achtzehn
19 Neunzehn
20 Zwanzig

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