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= Communication Training =
= Communication Training =
'''Time and place:''': Friday September 13th, 9:30
'''Time and place:''': Friday September 13th, 9:30, Room U2-8b
'''About the trainer:
'''About the trainer:

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Communication Training

Time and place:: Friday September 13th, 9:30, Room U2-8b

About the trainer:

I’m Tilman Krakau from Berlin. My vision is a social interaction, where we meet each other at eye level. No matter what.

For this purpose, I create innovative trainings (open and inhouse) for people who work with people. Therefore, an interactive and inspiring atmosphere is key for an easy transfer to everyday life. Also, I work as train-the-trainer for didactics, successful teaching and inner attitude.

About the workshop: (Description will follow)


  1. Kenny D
  2. Lays Rodrigues
  3. Bhavisha Dhruve
  4. Myriam Schweingruber

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