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Restaurants & Pubs

Close to the venue

This is only a small selection of the Team personal favorites. There are many more options close to the venue.

  • Je suis Jambon (welcome event)
  • PanCafé
  • Fuorimano (social event)
  • Farinami
  • Tempi moderni


In typical restaurants and bars you can expect the following medium price range:

  • Lunch: 5-10 EUR
  • Dinner: 30-40 EUR

Drinks in Milan in the 17-20 time are usually served with the formula "Aperitivo", which means you pay for the drink and you get free food in a buffet. Milan is well known for the abundance of the buffet, so much that in some places it is a real dinner. The flip side of the coin is that you typically pay the same in spite of the type of drink you buy, whether it's a cocktail, a wine glass, or a non-alcoholic drink, you can expect to pay between 5/6 euros in student areas, to 12/13 in the most central locations.

Keep in mind that sitting might make your beverage more expensive, especially in tourist places where you pay the services extra. Drinking a caffè standing at the bar is the usual behavior for locals. Watch out for prices "al banco" (at the counter) and "al tavolo" (at a table).

Useful information

  • Paying
  • Tipping


List of some common supermarket chains:

Opening Hours

Outside of this opening hours...

Closest supermarkets to the venue

Useful Information

Caffè Bar


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