Restaurants & Pubs

Close to the venue

This is only a small selection of the Team personal favorites. There are many more options close to the venue.

  • Je suis Jambon (welcome event)
  • PanCafé
  • Fuorimano (social event)
  • Farinami
  • Tempi moderni


In typical restaurants and bars you can expect the following medium price range:

  • Lunch: 5-10 EUR
  • Dinner: 30-40 EUR

Drinks in Milan between 17:00-20:00 are usually served with the formula "Aperitivo", which means you pay for the drink and you get free food in a buffet. Milan is well known for the abundance of the buffet, so much that in some places it is a real dinner. The flip side of the coin is that you typically pay the same in spite of the type of drink you buy, whether it's a cocktail, a wine glass, or a non-alcoholic drink, you can expect to pay between 5/6 euros in student areas, to 12/13 in the most central locations.

Keep in mind that sitting might make your beverage more expensive, especially in tourist places where you pay the services extra. Drinking a caffè standing at the bar is the usual behavior for locals. Watch out for prices "al banco" (at the counter) and "al tavolo" (at a table).

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Italy is technically a cashless country since the 1st of January 2018. All commercial activities (of any kind, taxis, bars, ...) in Italy are obliged to accept an electronic form of payment for any amount. If they do not accept it, you are legally authorized to just walk out of any place without paying the due amount.

Luckily, in Milan this law is widely respected, and most places will thus accept credit cards for all amounts, including a few euros. Note that credit card commissions are typically zeroed for payments below 10€, so don't feel sorry paying your coffee with your card, if you so prefer.

If an owner insists you can only pay cash, you might be facing tax evasion. Italian law considers the customer also partly responsible to ensure the correct amount is registered on paper. Always request a "scontrino fiscale" (i.e. a receipt) before walking out of any place and keep it for a few minutes: if you are found within 50 meters of the commercial activity without one, you may receive a fine.


Tipping is common but not mandatory, and it's typically appreciated, especialy for dinner. It's tipically a few euros, or, at a bar, the round-off of your bill.


List of some common supermarket chains:

  • Carrefour
  • Esselunga
  • Coop
  • Conad

There are two carrefour close to the venue, a small one in the food court, and a large one with 24hr service just 10 minutes by feet away.

The closest supermarket in the food court [is a Carrefour https://www.carrefour.it/punti-vendita/carrefour-market-milano-piazza-della-trivulziana-6]. It is open Mon-Sat 8am–8:30pm, Sun 9am–1:30pm and 3–7pm.


If you are looking for groceries or real italian gourmet food, save some money and experience some local life, you may want to look at local markets. The locals spend a lot of their time in the markets of Milan. You'll be able to find anything you want whether it’s fresh produce, furniture, antiques, or clothes. Wandering over the markets is definitely a fun thing to do in Milan. It’s a great way to meet new people, mix with the locals and see a completely different side to life in Milan. The best time to visit is in the morning.

Markets are in different parts of town depending on the day. Here's a list with the main local markets:

Best markets to visit are

  • Via Fauché (M5 Gerusalemme, Tuesday/Saturday)
  • Via San Marco (MM2 Lanza, Thursday)

Opening Hours

Most supermarket are open 7/7, with a few doing 24hrs service. Use your favorite search engine to figure out the timie

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