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Konqi at Akademy!

Akademy 2019 Home Page

In 2019 Akademy will be held at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Milan, Italy, from Saturday 7th to Friday 13th September.


Please publish your content and link to it here to help promote the event.

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions, workshops & meetings

Hacking Rooms


Monday (9 September) BoF schedule

Tuesday (10 September) BoF schedule

Wednesday (11 September) BoF schedule

Thursday (12 September) BoF schedule

Friday (13 September) BoF schedule


Communication Training

Smaller events

This is the space for smaller Akademy evening events, organized by the community. Including some recommendations by the local team. Days with an Akademy organized social event program are excluded :) Just add your idea/event to the corresponding section on the Wiki page.

Smaller Akademy Events

Practical information

Food & Drink

Useful words in Italian

Telegram: https://telegram.me/KDEAkademy

IRC: #akademy on Freenode

Getting around

Since the 15 July 2019 new prices for public transport are in effect. The short story is that every journey, no matter how many transfers you do, will cost you 2 Euros. You can buy 10-tickets cards (18€) or weekly passes (17€) for a discount.

The system is zone-based, all of the conference will happen in the main central zone, which covers all of the city of Milan and neighboring cities. You can read everything about this new system here: https://nuovosistematariffario.atm.it/en/

Note: ATM is the name of the public transport in Milan. What the rest of the world calls ATM is called "Bancomat" in Milan.

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