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Waiting List (you will be notified in case of cancellations):
Waiting List (you will be notified in case of cancellations):
# ...
# Dominik Kummer (please let me in ;...)
# ...
# ...

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Public Speaking Training

Time and place: Saturday 0830-0955, Sunday 0900-0955, Sunday 1805-1900, with practicals during the weekend lunch breaks all in EI8

Trainer: Marta Rybczynska, technical public speaker and trainer

Description: If you're considering public speaking on a technical event or you have already spoken, but want to improve your skills, you can learn new techniques from this training. We will use the complete Akademy conference as a learning experience.

The training will have a workshop part (Saturday and Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon) and individual practice/assessment sessions during the weekend.

The subjects we are going to cover (contact the trainer if you have suggestions!):

  1. The basics: content and structure
  2. The form: slides, delivery, body language
  3. Making your presentation shine
  4. Answers to common questions: Where to speak? How to prepare an abstract?

Before the workshop please prepare two talks (2 minutes each):

  1. Why you're taking this workshop?
  2. What are you working on now? (in KDE , school project, work,...)

Participants (there are currently only 6 spaces):

  1. Dileep Sankhla
  2. Nate Graham
  3. Rohan Garg
  4. Bhavisha Dhruve
  5. Bhushan Shah
  6. Paul Brown

Waiting List (you will be notified in case of cancellations):

  1. Dominik Kummer (please let me in ;...)
  2. ...

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