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# Albert Astals Cid <tsdgeos>
# Albert Astals Cid <tsdgeos>
# Jure Repinc <JLP>
# Jure Repinc <JLP>
# Amrit Sreekumar
# Mahesh S Nair
# Ashwin Samudre
# Ashwin Samudre
# Neofytos Kolokotronis <neofytosk/tetris4>
# Neofytos Kolokotronis <neofytosk/tetris4>

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Hi Akademy attendees,

since many of you already asked, there will be an organised sightseeing tour of the inner city on Tuesday. Vienna is a beautiful city and has way more to offer than the lecture halls - so we invite you join us. Meeting point for the walking tour will be in front of the venue at 19:00 (7pm) and the duration will be about 2 hours.

For better organisation, we'd ask you to sign up here if you plan to attend. We might offer also an alternative time if the group would get to big.


Tuesday, 14th August 7pm

  1. Susanne <susannetobisch>
  2. Lukas <luhe>
  3. Dileep Sankhla
  4. Abhijeet Sharma
  5. Caio Jordão Carvalho
  6. Bhushan Shah
  7. Bhavisha Dhruve
  8. Michael Weghorn
  9. Bart Ribbers <PureTryOut>
  10. Sven Brauch
  11. Florian Haftmann <fhaftmann>
  12. Tobias Fischbach <fitmux>
  13. Max Harmathy <maxmux>
  14. Michael Pyne <mpyne>
  15. Ben Cooksley <bcooksley>
  16. Jonah Brüchert <JBB>
  17. Albert Vaca <albertvaka>
  18. Devaja Shah <devajashah>
  19. Sanjiban Bairagya <fewcha>
  20. Albert Astals Cid <tsdgeos>
  21. Jure Repinc <JLP>
  22. Ashwin Samudre
  23. Neofytos Kolokotronis <neofytosk/tetris4>
  24. Gunnar Schmidt
  25. Jürgen Schmidt (Gunnar’s father)
  26. Zoltan Padrah
  27. Patricia Oniga
  28. Andreas Cord-Landwehr
  29. Shinjo Park
  30. Aracele Torres
  31. Caio Carvalho
  32. Filipe Saraiva
  33. Eliakin Costa
  34. Boudhayan Gupta
  35. ...

Thursday, 16th August 6pm

  1. Kenny D
  2. Andreas Krutzler
  3. Nate Graham
  4. Scarlett Clark <sgclark>
  5. José Millán Soto
  6. Lays Rodrigues <lays147>
  7. Ingo Klöcker
  8. Kai Uwe Broulik
  9. Arjen Hiemstra <ahiemstra>
  10. Sune
  11. Louise
  12. Johan Ouwerkerk <cmacq2>


The tour will lead us to the following attractions:

  • Karlsplatz with Karls Cathedral
  • Opera House
  • Hofburg
  • Volksgarten
  • Parliament
  • Rathaus (City Hall)
  • St Stephens Cathedral
  • and many more iconic buildings, famous cafes, parks, shopping streets and museums

We do not go to the following attractions but highly recommend you to visit them if you have time to spare:

  • Schönbrunn Palace, which is easily reachable by U4 from Karlsplatz, do walk up to the Gloriette because it offers a beautiful view of the city
  • Belvedere, which is in walking distance to the venue

See you!

Links to the route


Google Maps

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