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Akademy/2018/KDE Distro BoF Lightning Talks

The following lightning talks are scheduled for the lightning talk session of the KDE Distro BoF (Monday August 13 at 15:30 CEST [Europe/Vienna]):

  • Kannolo (Kevin Kofler)
  • Kubuntu (Valorie Zimmerman)
  • openSUSE (Fabian Vogt)
  • Chakra (Neofytos Kolokotronis)
  • NXOS (The NXOS Team)
  • KDE neon (The KDE neon team)
  • FreeBSD (Adriaan de Groot)
  • Arkades (Dominik Kummer)

Each talk will have a total of 10 minutes, which should consist of 8 minutes presentation time and 2 minutes question time. A video projector ("beamer") will be available in the room.

Together with approximately 10 minutes of total setup time, the 8 talks of 10 (8+2) minutes each will fill the first half (90 minutes) of the 3-hour BoF. The second half will be allocated to open discussion.

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