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Information about bus lines between Civitas dormitory and UAL:

Regular bus lines to campus:

   L18, everyday
   L11, L12, working days


   bus schedule: http://m.surbus.com/lineas/linea/18
   and map


   bus schedule: http://m.surbus.com/lineas/linea/12
  and map


   bus schedule: http://m.surbus.com/lineas/linea/11
   and map

To go from Civitas to campus:

   From 71   (nearest bus stop)
           using L12, working days
   From 47 (16 minutes walking from residence)
           using L11, working days
           using L18, everyday
       To 144

To go from campus to civitas:

  From 144
     To 43 (16 minutes walking to residence)
         using L12, working days
         using L18, everyday
     To 56 (nearest bus stop)
         using L11, working days

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