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WiFi Access

The official IRC channel is #akademy in freenode, also accessible via Telegram at https://t.me/KDEAkademy

Public Transport

Add: info about public transport in Almeria

Bars and restaurants

  • Times for meals are late in comparison to other countries:
    • Lunch is usually from 13:30 to 15:30.
    • Dinner at 21:00 or 22:00. It is difficult to find dinner before 20:30.
  • A typical lunch is called "Menú del día" (menu of the day) and consists of a starter, a main course a drink (water, beer or soft drink) and a dessert or coffee (Sometimes it includes both dessert and coffee).
  • In restaurants, it is not as common to leave a tip as it is in other countries. You can leave an small tip, but it's not usual to leave more than 5% of the price.
  • Most of the food is not vegetarian. If you're a vegetarian, you can say: "Soy vegetariano/a" and see what they offer you.

Some reference prices

  • Beer: between 1.5€ and 2.5€
  • Soft drink: between 1€ and 2€
  • Coffee or tea: 1.20€ to 2€
  • "Menú del día": from 8€ to 15€
  • Average price for a dinner: 14€ to 18€

Some suggestions to go for lunch and drink

(All websites in spanish.)

Left luggage

Add information about left luggage at or near the venue?


  • Credit cards are usually accepted in restaurants, supermarkets and shops. That's not the case in bars and pubs. It might be a good idea to ask before.

Add information abou ATM locations in Almeria!

Emergency numbers

In case of an emergency, you can use the following contact details.

  • The organization team can be reached:
  • Additional numbers in case of an emergency:
    • Law enforcement: 112 or 091
    • Medical: 112 or 061
    • Emergency: 112

Smoking laws

  • Smoking is restricted in every indoor public place, including restaurants, bars, cafes and the venue.
  • Outdoor smoking is also prohibited at childcare facilities, in children's playparks and around schools and hospital facilities.
  • In some hotel rooms it's also forbidden to smoke. If your reservation does not specify whether it's allowed or not to smoke in your room and you want to smoke, please ask in the hotel reception before doing so.
  • The legal age for buying tobacco and smoking in Spain is 18.

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