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How This Works

Add the name and email address of your key as well as the fingerprint below. Tuesday morning Harald is going to do a print out for all listed attendants. If you would like to do your own print out, please send a mail to [email protected]. If you are not listed by Tuesday morning you'll have to pay 600 Euros penalty (increased from 2016 because of inflation)!

To get your key fingerprint, you'll want to run gpg or gpg2 with the --fingerprint argument and your name or short ID.

gpg2 --fingerprint Sitter

Make sure to bring an ID card or passport so we can verify you are who you claim to be at the BoF.

Key OK Name <EMail> Fingerpint ID OK
Harald Sitter <[email protected]> CB93 8752 1E1E E012 7DA8 0484 3FDB B550 84CC 5D84
Jonathan Riddell <[email protected]> 2D1D 5B05 8835 7787 DE9E E225 EC94 D18F 7F05 997E
Adriaan de Groot <[email protected]> 00AC D15E 25A7 9FEE 028B 0EE5 7FEA 3DA6 169C 77D6
David Faure <[email protected]> 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7 4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB
Bhushan Shah <[email protected]>

Bhushan Shah <[email protected]>

0AAC 775B B643 7A8D 9AF7 A3AC FE07 8411 7FBC E11D
Ingo Klöcker <[email protected]> 712A 0910 321A C762 D480 5408 1A74 7E45 30E0 B9D8
Albert Astals Cid <[email protected]> CA26 2C6C 83DE 4D2F B28A 332A 3A6A 4DB8 39EA A6D7
Valorie Zimmerman <[email protected]> 4041 38CB 46E6 B636 2C9B 356A 3588 DA41 3C98 979B
Frederik Gladhorn <[email protected]> FB25 8618 6106 3C64 C97B 89AE 125C 53EB 96EC 0C92
Davide Bettio <[email protected]> 1994 90DD EC8A B5BE 3AEC BC3E 8CDB 0023 007A 25DD
Kenny Duffus <[email protected]> 8ED9 6042 7A97 A562 38C8 3860 646D 0C5D 7E40 3A79
Claus Christensen <[email protected]> 50D0 FB38 FA30 3652 F8FD 36F7 BB98 93DA D38F D2AA
Jos van den Oever <[email protected]> 837D FE6C AC00 0308 2B09 647C 91BF 7E1D 5055 FBBF
Timothée Giet <[email protected]> D2FA AB62 1F61 8D42 685B 427B 63D7 264C 0568 7D7E
José Millán Soto <[email protected]> 7D29 A69B 5CD4 86C0 9981 F9FD FF25 5119 6FB8 FD80

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