How This Works

Add the name and email address of your key as well as the fingerprint below. Tuesday morning Harald is going to do a print out for all listed attendants. If you would like to do your own print out, please send a mail to [email protected]. If you are not listed by Tuesday morning you'll have to pay 600 Euros penalty (increased from 2016 because of inflation)!

To get your key fingerprint, you'll want to run gpg or gpg2 with the --fingerprint argument and your name or short ID.

gpg2 --fingerprint Sitter

Make sure to bring an ID card or passport so we can verify you are who you claim to be at the BoF.

ID OK Name <EMail> Fingerpint Key OK
Harald Sitter <[email protected]> CB93 8752 1E1E E012 7DA8 0484 3FDB B550 84CC 5D84
Jonathan Riddell <[email protected]> 2D1D 5B05 8835 7787 DE9E E225 EC94 D18F 7F05 997E
Your Name Here <[email protected]> y0ur k3y 1d 6035 h3r3 1f y0u w0uld b3 50 k1nd

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