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Sunday Night on the Beach

I'll buy some food and some beer and some wine to eat and drink on the west end of the beach in Almeria for Sunday night from 21:00. People will need to pay me cash, I'll keep the costs at under €10 each.


Sign up Add your name here, max 30 people

  1. Aleix Pol
  2. Jonathan Riddell
  3. Gabriele
  4. Xisco Faulì
  5. Teodor
  6. Ingo Klöcker (no meat for me)
  7. Bhushan Shah (no meat for me)
  8. Timothée Giet (no meat for me)
  9. Kevin Ottens
  10. Harald Sitter
  11. Lydia Pintscher
  12. Jure Repinc
  13. Scarlett Clark
  14. Vasudha
  15. Anu
  16. Allan Jensen
  17. David Edmundson
  18. [ade]
  19. Mignon
  20. Mira - kid
  21. Amiel - kid
  22. Mattias Reuterberg (no meat)
  23. Jens Reuterberg
  24. Àlex Fiestas
  25. Andy Betts
  26. Vishesh Handa

Max 30 people

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