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[[File:Mascot konqi-commu-akademy.png|thumbnail|right|[[Konqi]] at Akademy!]]
[[File:Mascot konqi-commu-akademy.png|thumbnail|right|[[Konqi]] at Akedemy!]]
[https://akademy.kde.org/2017 Akademy 2017 home page]
[https://akademy.kde.org/2017 Akademy 2017 home page]
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* [[/DomingoNocheEnElPlaya|Domingo Noche En La Playa]] (''Sunday Night on the Beach'')
* [[/DomingoNocheEnElPlaya|Domingo Noche En La Playa]] (''Sunday Night on the Beach'')
* '''[[/Alcazaba|Tuesday - Alcazaba]]'''
* '''[[/daytrip|Wednesday Daytrip]]'''
* '''[[/daytrip|Wednesday Daytrip]]'''
* [[/JuevesNocheEnLaPlaya|Jueves Noche En La Playa]] (''Thursday Night on the Beach'')
== Media coverage ==
* Some echo in media collected at: https://foro.hacklabalmeria.net/t/revista-de-prensa-akademy-2017/8705

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Konqi at Akademy!

Akademy 2017 home page

This year's Akademy will be held at the Universidad de Almería (UAL) in Almería, Spain, from July 22nd to 27th.

KDE e.V. members are invited to participate in the General Assembly on July 21st.


Please publish your content and link to it here to help promote the event.

Become a volunteer!

Akademy Volunteers

Main program

The program for the Jul 22 and 23 is ready: https://conf.kde.org/en/akademy2017/public/schedule


Media coverage



Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions

All BOFs on one page

Monday (24 July) BoF schedule

Tuesday (25 July) BoF schedule

Wednesday (26 July) BoF schedule

Thursday (27 July) BoF schedule

Practical information

Getting to Almeria


WiFi Access

Bus between dormitory and Akademy

Useful information about the city

Useful words in Spanish

Telegram: https://telegram.me/KDEAkademy

IRC: #akademy on Freenode

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