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BoF sessions on Monday, September 5th 2016

All rooms have either a blackboard or a whiteboard, wireless network availability and projectors. If you need any other equipment, please send an email to [email protected]
Please put your name and email address in the Host/Notes section. There is no length limitation; text will wrap.

BoF Wrap-up at 18:00
Please join the BoF wrap-up session this evening. Another opportunity for communication. Share outcomes and plans, cross-pollinate, attract attention to your project. Please select someone from your BoF to give a summary—topic, what was discussed and decided, what's next, resources desired.

The Akademy team might reasign BoFs based on operational needs

MAR 0.001 - 5th September

MAR 0.003 - 5th September

MAR 0.015 - 5th September

MAR 0.017 - 5th September

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