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How This Works

Add the name and email address of your key as well as the fingerprint below. Tuesday morning Harald is going to do a print out for all listed attendants. If you would like to do your own print out, please send a mail to [email protected]. If you are not listed by Tuesday morning you'll have to pay 300 Euros penalty!

To get your key fingerprint, you'll want to run gpg or gpg2 with the --fingerprint argument and your name or short ID.

gpg --fingerprint Sitter

Make sure to bring an ID card or passport so we can verify you are who you claim to be at the BoF.

Name <EMail> Fingerpint
Harald Sitter <[email protected]> CB93 8752 1E1E E012 7DA8 0484 3FDB B550 84CC 5D84
Jonathan Riddell <[email protected]> 13C1 6D03 EDE7 2851 4473 AA73 A506 E6D4 DD4D 5088
David Faure <[email protected]> EEFA 895F EF2D 5532 4DC0 A3B5 EF62 9C54 09B0 6E10
Ingo Klöcker <[email protected]> 712A 0910 321A C762 D480 5408 1A74 7E45 30E0 B9D8
Bhushan Shah <[email protected]> 0AAC 775B B643 7A8D 9AF7 A3AC FE07 8411 7FBC E11D
Andreas Cord-Landwehr <[email protected]> FAA4 0058 0FA1 E4F7 5F35 E4FB BC8C 4A71 4B1C 6625
Luigi Toscano <[email protected]> 6C88 3324 DE32 27A7 7DA3 BF88 2EB3 8401 2EB7 1358
Sandro Knauß <[email protected]> 39EC 11A0 2016 B729 2649 1A06 E3AD B008 5060 5636
Sandro Knauß <[email protected]> 0305 ABBD B918 5BFE 662A 44F7 C255 AD42 CE81 539E
Your Name <email> 1234

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