Please add in order of arrival date

Name Country
IRC Arrival Date Arrival Point
Arrival Details Arrival Time Notes
Daniel Vrátil Czech republic dvratil 2015-07-22 A Coruña Airport IB 3121 from Vienna, IB 522 from Madrid 20:20 Staying in Rialta
Ovidiu-Florin BOGDAN Romania ovidiu-florin 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport IB 3799 from Budapest to Madrid

IB 512 from Madrid to A Coruña

10:00 Will come with my brother. Staying at Rialta.
Lamarque Vouza Brazil lamarque 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport Air Europa 7233 from Madrid 11:30 Staying in Rialta
Emile de Weerd France mederel 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport IB512 from Madrid 12:50 Staying in Rialta
Franklin Weng Taiwan franklin 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport Emirates EK367 from Taipei to Dubai, Emirates EK141 to Madrid, IB524 to A Coruña 16:55 No idea yet
Lydia Pintscher Germany nightrose 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport Vueling 1290 from Barcelona 21:50 Staying at AC Hotel A Coruña by Marriott
Milian Wolff Germany milian 2015-07-23 A Coruña Airport Tradewinds Air from Lisbon 23:25 Staying in Rialta
Heinz Wiesinger The Netherlands pprkut 2015-07-24 A Coruña Airport IB3723 from Amsterdam, IB524 from Madrid 16:55 Staying in Rialta
Matija Šuklje Slovenia silver_hook 2015-07-24 A Coruña Airport Air Europa UX 7237 from Madrid 20:00 Staying in Rialta
Valentin Rusu France valir 2015-07-24 Rialta By car 21:00 Staying in Rialta
Andrew Lake U.S.A. alake/jamboarder 2015-07-24 A Coruña Airport British Airways 7110 from Madrid 23:00 Staying at Hotel Zenit Coruña


Please add in order of departure date

Name Country
IRC Departure Date Departure Point
Departure Time Notes
Franklin Weng Taiwan franklin 2015-07-29 A Coruña Airport IB519 -> Madrid, Ek142 -> Dubai, EK366 -> Taipei 09:20 Therefore I can only attend BoFs on July 27 and 28
Lamarque Souza Brazil lamarque 2015-07-30 Coruña Airport Air Europa 83 to Madrid 12:15
Lydia Pintscher Germany nightrose 2015-07-31 A Coruña Airport Vueling 1293 to Barcelona 07:00
Milian Wolff Germany milian 2015-07-31 A Coruña Airport Tradewinds Air to Lisbon 07:45
Valentin Rusu France valir 2015-07-31 Rialta By car 10:00 ?
Daniel Vrátil Czech republic dvratil 2015-07-31 A Coruña Airport IB513 to Madrid, IB 3122 to Vienna 13:30
Heinz Wiesinger The Netherlands pprkut 2015-07-31 A Coruña Airport IB523 to Madrid, IB3720 to Amsterdam 17:35
Andrew Lake U.S.A alake/jamboarder 2015-08-01 A Coruña Airport Iberia 511 to Madrid 06:45
Matija Šuklje Slovenia silver_hook 2015-08-01 A Coruña Airport Air Europa UX 7232 to Madrid 06:50
Emile de Weerd France mederel 2015-08-02 A Coruña Airport IB511 to Madrid 06:45

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