General information

  • Weather
  • Smoking
    • Smoking is generally allowed in restaurant; some places have separate rooms for smokers and no smorkers.


  • Credit cards
    • Often accepted in the restaurants, less accepted in "traditional" pubs, but it's always better to check on the website of the specific place.
  • Cash machines
    • No shortage of ATMs in the city center. Some of them are available also close to the venue.
  • VAT


  • Vegetarian/vegan meals
    • Vegetarian meals are not always easy to find. Vegan ones are more complicated, but few options are available (see below)
  • When lunch and dinner are served
    • Lunch: restaurants usually offer a "lunch menu" with 2-4 choices during working days in 11.00-14.00 timeframe (even if the more choices are usually available after 12.30). The lunch menus are usually visible on http://lunchtime.cz or on the restaurant's website. Restaurants usually do not close after lunch time.
    • Dinner: closing time of the kitchen depends on the place, but usually not before _at least_ 21.30 during working days and a bit later in the weekend. Many places are closed on Sunday.
  • Tipping
    • No fixed percentage tips, usually the price is rounded a bit. Usually when you pay, you state the amount you want to give out (price+tip).

Typical drinks served in bars: apart from beers, soft drinks, here are some local specialities:

Some reference prices:

Close to the venues

  • Rebio Park, open Mon-Fri 11-14. Vegetarian, not vegan.

City center

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Bars and Pubs

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