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Akademy/2014/Find a room-mate

To stay at the recommended accommodation of Palacký Hostel you need to book the twin room together.

If you don't already have someone in mind to share with, please add yourself to the table (roughly in date order would help). You can then try asking other people in the table.

As there is an empty bed fee if there is only one person in the room for any period, it makes sense to find someone staying as close as possible to the same dates as you. It is then up to the two of you to decide how to cover the cost of any single occupation days.

Please remove your entry after you have found someone to make it easier for others.

Name IRC Nick or other contact details Gender Arrival Date Departure Date
Konqi example dragon Thursday 4th Saturday 13th
Adriaan de Groot [ade], [email protected] Male Thu 4 Wed 10th
Park Shinjo kde (at) peremen.name Male Saturday 6th Saturday 13th
Claus Christensen [Claus_chr] claus_chr (at) webspeed.dk Male Saturday 6th Friday 12th

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