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[[Akademy/2014/Friday|Friday (12 September) BoF schedule]]
[[Akademy/2014/Friday|Friday (12 September) BoF schedule]]
== Badges ==
== Blog Badges ==

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Akademy 2014 home page


Volunteer information

  • Sign up instructions
  • Available tasks (before, during and after Akademy)
  • List of volunteers

Workshops and BoFs


Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions

Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) are organized in the Unconference style, people attending Akademy can select the preferred times and locations for topics they will lead.

Enter BoF details on the daily schedules, and they will auto-wiki-magically appear on the All BoFs page.

All BOFs on one page

Monday (8 September) BoF schedule

Tuesday (9 September) BoF schedule

Wednesday (10 September) BoF schedule

Thursday (11 September) BoF schedule

Friday (12 September) BoF schedule

Blog Badges


Find a Room-mate

Find a room-mate

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