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General information

  • This spring, the weather in Bilbao has been much more rainy than usual, so we expecte to have a rainy summer. Pack your umbrella!
  • Do not expect to be able to pay with credit cards in bars and pubs. You can usually pay with a credit card in restaurants.
  • There is a good network of cash machines, but expect to pay a commission. Check with your bank, how much is charged in advance.
  • In the restaurants, it is not as common to leave a tip as it is in other countries (e.g. USA)
  • In the bars and restaurants smoking is not allowed.
  • VAT for restaurants and related services is 10%. General VAT is 21%.
  • A Typical lunch' is called "Menú del día" (menu of the day) and consist of a starter, a main course and a dessert. Wine and water are included. You can also ask for a coffee or tea, but these are typically not included.
  • Do not expect to find a lot of vegetarian restaurants. You can always ask for two vegetable starters, though.
  • Times for meals are late, in comparison to other countries:
    • Lunch at 13:00 or more commonly at 14:00, but you'll be even able to get lunch at 15:00 or 15:30
    • Dinner at 21:00 or 22:00. It is difficult to find dinner before 20:30.

Typical drinks served in bars: apart from beers, soft drinks, you'll be able to ask:

  • Caña ((pronounced 'can-yeah'): a beer not from bottle but from barrel. Not easy to find black one.
  • Zurito (pronounced 'thou-ree-toh'): a small beer, served in a glass or cup
  • Kalimotxo (pronounced 'kal-eem-o-sho'): wine with coke
  • Kalitxiki (pronounced 'kal-ee-shee-kee'): a small kalimotxo
  • Pika (pronounced 'pee-cah'): beer with lemon
  • Pikatxiki: a (you catched!) small pika
  • Cosechero, Crianza, Reserva: distinct (from worse to better) red wines.

Some reference prices:

  • Beer or soft drink: between 2 € and 3 €.
  • Crianza: between 1.5 € and 2 €.
  • Zurito or kalitxiki or pikatxiki: 1 €.
  • Coffee or tea: 1.5 €.
  • Average price for a "menú del día": 12 €
  • Average price for a dinner: 18 €


Close to the venues

In the Old Town

Vegetarian and vegan friendly


Vegetarian, vegan friendly.

Fernandez del Campo 7, Bilbao

Fresc Co

Also serves meat.

Gran Via Diego Lopez Haro, 55 (near Guggenhein andart museums) Bilbao


Dinner menu is meat based.

General Castillo 3, Bilbao

La Camelia

Vegetarian, mostly vegan dishes.

Santa Maria 10, Bilbao


Vegetarian, closed on weekends.

Gipuzkoa 7, Deusto, Bilbao

Bars and Pubs


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