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Time: July 16th, 14:00-15:00, Location: Room B2

This BoF session is for students and mentors participating or interested in one of the mentoring programs KDE runs, the Google Summer of Code, the Google Code-in, the Season of KDE, or the outreach program for women.

The goal of the session is to share experiences, discuss how to improve the mentoring programs, and talk about whatever questions come up.

We also want to do a group photo with as many GSoC T-shirts we can get together. Will we be able to get people with T-Shirts from all eight editions of GSoC together, which happened so far? In order to coordinate that a little bit, please enter yourself into the table below, if you intend to participate, and which T-Shirt you will wear.

Name Participated as student Participated as mentor T-Shirt
Cornelius Schumacher GSoC 2005-2013 GSoC 2005
Mohammed Nafees GCI 2011-2012 GCI 2012
your name student participation mentor participation which T-Shirt will you wear for the group photo

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