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''' Sign up as a Volunteer!'''
[[Akademy/2013/Volunteers|Volunteer information]]
* Sign up instructions
To sign up, please follow closely the following steps:
* Available tasks (before, during and after Akademy)
* Before filling your name in, please read the [http://akademy.kde.org/call-volunteers Call for Volunteers].
* List of volunteers
* Check out the tasks listed below
* Edit the table below and fill in your name and data. In the table please provide your name, the languages you speak, whether you are a local and/or know Tallinn, and the time/days when you are available.
* Add your local mobile telephone number to your Akademy user profile.
* Join the IRC channel #akademy on freenode
'''Available tasks'''
'''Before the event'''
* print and fold name badges and put them into pouches
* set up venue:
** hang banners and poster and signage
** distribute cables in rooms
** set up video stuff
* Wifi etc
** liaise with College IT to check if requirements are met
** check if we need to arrange for extra switches and LAN cables
* Party coordination (Saturday)
** liaise with venue before and during the event
'''During the event'''
* Pre-registration (Friday afternoon/early evening)
** check in attendees and hand out badges
** print out new badges if necessary
* Registration/Info desk (Saturday to Thursday)
** check in attendees and hand out badges
** print out new badges if necessary
** sell KDE merchandise
** general point of information
* Session chairs
** check that speaker has water
** introduce speaker
** make sure that talks starts and ends on time
** moderate questions
* Runner
** able to drive a car
** run errands, shop for stuff that might be missing
** find people when needed
* Party coordination
** check party venue before attendees arrive
** set up posters etc.
** check badges of attendees at entrance
** help to tidy up afterwards
* Video operator
** help record the talks
* Group photo
** take picture of all attendees
'''After the event'''(Friday afternoon)
* tidy venue
* send left-over banners etc. back to sponsors
'''Sign up (Please add your name and information)'''
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
! Name/IRC nick/email
! Languages
! local y/n?
! days/times available
! comments
| width="150pt" | Claudia Rauch, claudiar, rauch at kde dot org
| width="150pt" | German, English
| width="80pt"  | n
| width="150pt" | 29 June to 6 July
| width="150pt" | set up venue, registration/info desk
==Workshops and BoFs==
==Workshops and BoFs==

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Volunteer information

  • Sign up instructions
  • Available tasks (before, during and after Akademy)
  • List of volunteers

Workshops and BoFs

Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) are organized in the Unconference style, people attending Akademy can select the preferred times and locations for topics they will lead.

Hacking rooms

Practical information

Akademy venue

Arrivals, Departures

Attendee policy

Emergency numbers

Public order

Going out



Photos - please publish yours!

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