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BoF sessions on Wednesday, July 4nd 2012

All rooms have whiteboards and projectors.
Please put your name and email address in the Host/Notes section. There is no length limitation; text will wrap.

Room 227

Room 227 seats 23
Time Subject Host/Notes
09:30 KDE Women's outreach Host: Claudia Rauch

In this session, I would like to discuss how we can improve the participation of women in the KDE Community. We can draw from other initiatives like the GNOME Foundation Women's outreach program, or the railsgirls workshops or any other example that you know of. And hopefully come to some useful ideas and action items for ourselves. Men are invited as well :)

12:30 Lunch
16:00 FSFE PDF readers sprint Host: Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild <repentinus at fsfe dot org>

FSFE's PDF readers campaign attempts to remove advertisements for proprietary PDF readers from the websites of public bodies.

Target audience: Everyone. Especially people interested in a fair playing field for Free Software on the software market.

We are going to hold a workshop attempting to locate such advertisements, contacting the webmasters of the offending sites, adding the offenders to the list on fsfe.org, et cetera.

Prerequisites: none. Further information

Heads-ups from people interested in attending and any relevant information are welcome to my e-mail address.


Room 317

Room 317 seats 25
Time Subject Host/Notes
10:15 Robotics workshop Host:Estonian IT College robotics club

Previous programming experience is NOT recommended!

  • Programming small sumo robots with Arduino
  • Small competition
11:30 Robotics workshop
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Join The Game BoF Host: Claudia Rauch

Brainstorming session about the KDE e.V. supporting membership program: How can we improve the website, make the program more accessible and attractive?

15:00 R&D projects in KDE BoF Host: Dario Freddi <[email protected]>


  • Define a set of guidelines for KDE's involvement in external R&D projects
  • Discussion about potential new projects, and upcoming projects
  • Discussion about ongoing projects (such as ALERT) and their future developments

Target audience: People interested in engaging proactively with R&D in KDE, willing to help on the development, engagement, and/or financial part.

17:00 KDE Multimedia Host: Trever Fischer <[email protected]>

Topics: Nothing concrete planned! Probably hacking!

18:00 KDE Multimedia Continued!

Room 319

Room 319 seats 25
Time Subject Host/Notes
10:30 Colour Management in KDE Kai-Uwe Behrmann (oy) and Casian Andrey (skelet) invite to brainstorm about ICC support inside the KDE/Qt stacks
11:30 Constructive criticism for Nepomuk: prioritizing Nepomuk development Host: Vishesh Handa
12:30 Lunch


KDE Telepathy meet'n'hack Host: Martin Klapetek <[email protected]>


  • 0.4 review
  • plans for 0.5.
  • KDE Telepathy in Frameworks5?
  • KPeople and PIM Integration
  • KTp Active?
  • Desktop Integration
  • Other topics - Wiki

Open to anyone wanting to help influence future directions of KTp.



Gluon Game Development Workshop Host: Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen <[email protected]>

Purpose: Bring-your-idea game development workshop. You bring an idea for a game, and we will help you get started with Gluon Creator and its various tools.


Room 409

Room 226 seats 16
Time Subject Host/Notes
10:30 KDE Connect BoF Internal meeting for KDE Connect Team members and KDE contributors interested in participating
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Estonian ID-card Host: Lauri Võsandi <[email protected]>

Target audience: Anybody into high-tech!
Brief: Most foreigners don't know that Estonia has adapted a SmartCard for legal person identification and document signing. In this session I'll show you what cool stuff you can do with Estonian ID-card! The software is cross-platform and ID-card configuration utility uses Qt framework for supporting Linux and Mac in addition to Windows.


  • Introduction to Estonian ID-card
  • The legal background
  • Authentication for e-banks and other government services
  • Digital signature for replacing written signatures
  • Mythbusting privacy issues surrounding national identification cards
14:00 KDE-Authors BoF Host: Supreet Pal Singh <[email protected]>

Target audience: Anyone interested in authoring books for KDE.


Room 419

Room 410 seats 25
Time Subject Host/Notes
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Plasma Active application writing Host: Marco Martin <[email protected]>


  • Current examples (addons client, okular..)
  • Current libraries/frameworks
  • Do and don't
  • Things still needed
  • Support to who wants to port an application
  • Open discussion
16:00 Plasma Active application writing

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