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KDE's Got Talent

People in the KDE Community have talents beyond technology. At previous Akademies there have been impromptu concerts and jam sessions, and suggestions about giving people a more formal opportunity to perform.

So at Akademy 2012 Tallinn, the Saturday Social Event will include KDE's Got Talent (KGT). Entertainment where everyone wins; a live show with performers from the audience. MCs, a sound system and musical instruments will be provided. It's an Open Mike—poetry, spoken word, music, comedy—anything goes.

Based on the number of people who sign up, the MCs and organizers will decide the length of the time slots. KGT will be about an hour, depending on how many people sign up and how well the show is being received.

The following instruments will be provided:

  • Acoustic guitar with pickup
  • Electric guitar
  • Electronic keyboard
  • Electric bass guitar
  • Percussion
    • Castanets
    • Bongo/conga drums
    • Wood block and other similar
    • Tambourine


Please add your name to the list of performers, along with a short description of what you'll do. Ensembles are encouraged.

Name/IRC nick/email Gig Equipment needed
Carl Symons, kallecarl, carlsymons at gmail dot com Guitar and sing Acoustic guitar; mike
David Faure, dfaure, faure at kde dot org Jazz piano (anyone else up for playing jazz standards with me? Bass and drums would be especially appreciated!) Electronic keyboard, possibly with amp
Akarsh Simha, asimha, akarsh dot simha at kdemail dot net South Indian classical flute A mike. It would be nice if someone could play some drums along.
Sivan Greenberg , sivan at omniqueue.com Guitar, sing, keyboard blues rock improv. Guitar, keyboard

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