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Please add in order of arrival date

Name Country
IRC Arrival Date Arrival Time Arrival Details Notes
Kenny Duffus Scotland seaLne 27th, Wed 13:00 KL1470 GLA to AMS then Estonian Air OV174 AMS to TLL
Marijn & Alex Kruisselbrink - Spehr USA Mek & blauzahl 28th, Thu 10:00 Ferry from Stockholm
Anne Wilson England annew 29th, Fri. 13:15 SAS540 MAN to CPH, SAS8408 CPH to TLL
Jaroslaw Staniek Poland jstaniek 29th, Fri 13:55 LO 785 WAW to TLL
Myriam Schweingruber Germany Mamarok 29th, Fri 23:10 LH 2434 MUC to TLL


Please add in order of departure date

Name Country
IRC Departure Date Departure Time Departure Details Notes
Alex Spehr USA blauzahl 3rd, Tue 7:55 OV121 to ARN then SK635 to FRA
Anne Wilson England annew 4th, Wed 13:50 SAS8419 to ARN then SAS2549 to MAN
Jaroslaw Staniek Poland jstaniek 4th, Wed 14:40 LO 786 TLL to WAW
Marijn Kruisselbrink USA Mek 4th, Wed 18:10 OV145 to CPH then SK549 to AMS
Myriam Schweingruber Germany Mamarok 5th, Thu 13:10 LH 2437 to MUC
Kenny Duffus Scotland seaLne 10th, Tue 07:35 Estonian Air OV173 -> AMS then KL1475 to GLA

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