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Schedule of BoF sessions

Tuesday's BoF schedule

Area 1
Time Subject Notes
10:30 Using TranslateWiki - online and off-line translation Anne Wilson/Niklas Laxström - Guest participation - do not reschedule - requires projector
13:00 Branding Q&A Troy Unrau
14:00 KDE's wikis - getting closer to world domination with SMW and SMW+ Lydia Pintscher
16:00 Writing for UserBase Anne Wilson
18:00 KDE e.V. BoF Frank Karlitschek

Area 2
Time Subject Notes
09:30 Use of different Widget technologies Knut Yrvin
10:15 Join the Game! New ideas for the campaign Cornelius Schumacher, Torsten Thelke, Claudia Rauch
12:15 Lunch
13:45 Keeping KDE working on all Platforms with Nightly Builds and Testing: How it works, how to use it, how to contribute Alexander Neundorf
15:00 KDE and bioinformatics: the missing link Luca Beltrame; Projector needed
16:00 Marketing BoF Jos Poortvliet
18:00 KDE on ARM Michael Casadevall

Area 3
Time Subject Notes
09:30 [CANCELLED] Themeable animations in KDE Adenilson Cavalcanti
10:15 UI Design for Developers Nuno Pinheiro/David Vignoni
11:30 Ham Radio and Linux Kenny Duffus
12:30 Lunch
14:00 KDE Accessibility Jeremy Whiting
15:00 KDE-EDU: Delivering educational applications with KDE Duda Nogueira
17:00 Programming map applications with Marble Torsten Rahn

Area 4
Time Subject Notes
09:30 KDE in Linux Educacional Mauricio Piacentini
10:30 OdfKit: reusing and extending WebKit to make desktop and on-line Office software Jos van den Oever
11:30 KOffice BoF Inge Wallin
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Thinking Declaratively: Issues you should keep in mind (QML advanced tips) Eduardo M. Fleury
15:00 What's cooking in Kubuntu for KDE Jonathan Riddell/Aurélien Gâteau
16:00 KDE Platform Mobile BoF Kevin Ottens
18:00 KDE PIM Team Meeting (Details) Kevin Krammer

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