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31 mouse buttons via kde's 'qt-copy'

This page provides a template for Project Elegance proposals.

Parts marked with * are mandatory!


Give a short intro to the problem/idea - 2 or 3 sentences.


The current status of this proposal and the date it was created.


List people in charge of this proposal and ways to contact them. They will be the main point of contact from start to finish.

Detailed Description and Rationale*

Describe in more detail what this proposal is about and why it should be implemented.

Affected Modules*

Which parts of KDE's software are affected? Which should definitely be part of the implementation process?


pointers to research that backs up this proposal


details about the design ideas behind this proposal


details about how this proposal should be implemented in code if needed


This part will list teams that work on implementing the proposal and ways to contact them.

Currently Implementing

a list of teams currently implementing the proposal

Finished Implementation

a list of teams that finished implementing this proposal

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