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KDE will celebrate its 20th birthday on 14th of October 2016. It all started with this email.


We should ...

  • Organize big birthday parties all over the world
  • Collect live CDs or installed virtual machines with old version of KDE and make them runnable in the browser
  • Use the Akademy group pictures to make a timeline for each akademy attendee
  • KDE1 theme for Plasma
  • Grand total of commits/bug reports/bug fixes per person
  • Sell signed limited edition KDE release
  • Competition to predict the future of KDE (winner gets free time travel (forward in time only))
  • Promo video, showcased as primary part of homepage. Showing examples of KDE in use all over the world.
  • Party with major press, not only tech invited, to show KDE to world
  • ... your idea here

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