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Analysis of Plots

  • There should be options to find the intersections between two plots, the area between two plots, the minimum and maximum, the local minima and maxima, inflection points, the distance between two points, and the length of the curve between two points.
  • Composition: There should be the ability to use references to other plots. So you could have y1 = sin(x), y2 = abs(y1)
  • There should be nth derivative and integral functions.
  • Add parameters: There should be a parametric plot type, which has equations for X and Y values as a function of a third variable (t for example). This could also be used for scatter plots, where a list of X and Y points are given.
  • You should be able to shade the area above or below a curve or between two curves.

Plot Types

  • A differential equations plot type would be great.
  • When plotting 3D surfaces, you should be able to plot heat maps and contours, either on their own, below the 3D plot, or as a texture on the 3D plot.
  • If you are already supporting polar plots, then plots in the complex plane should also be pretty easy.
  • You should be able to use scatter plots with a particular spacing or manually-specified x-values.

Main view (Spaces) and Plot Editor

  • It might be better to be able to add or remove plot spaces, and drag and drop plots between spaces to organize them instead of using the check box for an all-or-none setup. Or perhaps
  • Set it in the plot config, which would allow a single plot to appear in more than one plot space.
  • It might be nice to have a button to expand/collapse the plot list.
  • It might be nice to have a button to expand/collapse the plot list.

Plot view 2D/3D (canvas)

  • Decide if "Show tangent" would be a per-line option or a global option (for all plots in the view) [Why does it even have an option? if you don't want to see the tangent, you can move the mouse out of the view anyway.]

Interoperability and File format

  • It might be better to just have "Save as..." where you could either specify an image file format or a khipu-specific format.
  • It would be conceivable down the road that there could be a plugin that lets gwenview or okular view khipu plots as images.

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