Howdy, I'm a relative noobie to Linux. After 2 or 3 years of research and trying different Linux distros, I have select the rolling distro Linux Mint Debian Edition. I am in the process of moving from Windows XP SP3 to LMDE and need a music player. On Windows I'm running JRivers Media Jukebox which will not run on Linux even with WINE and/or Linux Crossover.

Assistance will be appreciated. Prior to installing and learning how to use Amarok 2.6Beta1 (the latest in the LMDE repository) I have a some questions:

My 11+K music files (songs) are categorized by genre, most by multiple genres.

1) Can I create dynamic playlists ("smartlists") by both single and multiple genres in Amorak?

2) Since many of my songs include the "Christmas" genre, can I set my playlists to both exclude and include a genre? Example: I have Julie London performing "You're All I Want for Christmas" which has the genres of Christmas, mood, romance, female vocal, easy listening.

3) Can I add a second or 3rd playlist to one that is "playing now" and then shuffle the combined lists?

4) If Amarok cannot do these tasks, does anyone know of a Linux Music Jukebox/media player which can?

Thanks, tlcmd (AKA Dick)

16:15, 27 March 2013

The smart playlists in Amarok are quite complete. So 1-2 is yes.

3 is yes I think. Amarok is a playlist-based player, not a collection based player. So what you want to do is trivial.

20:14, 27 March 2013

Thanks for the reply. Two last questions (I hope): 1) Can I set Amarok to exclude a genre (example: Christmas) until I wish to include that genre? 2) LMDE's repository includes the 2.6 Beta 1. Should I download this or go elsewhere for a later release? Also does the Amarok wiki's info applicable to the 2.6Beta1 release?

Thanks, Tlcmd (aka Dick)

20:21, 27 March 2013