Hi out there, this is my first successful attempt to build KDE components (KDevelop, as described in the tutorial)

I followed the tutorial and got stuck at 2 points: In Kubuntu 15.10 the following packages are missing:

* bison
* flex

Seems that they are not standard in this distro. I added them to the dependencies list in the wiki.

The second thing was that I had to include the build-depencencies for kdevplatform:

  • $ kdesrc-build --include-dependencies kdevplatform

After that, the tutorial worked as described. Should this be added to the tutorial?

I would like to contribute something to this great project in the future (I'm using KDE since some years now and did some C++/Qt4 stuff in the past, beginning with Qt5 now).

So I also would like to see the "obstacles" as low as possible for anyone who wants to get involved as a "bloody beginner" like me.

13:29, 17 July 2016

I added flex and bison to openSUSE 42.1.

The wiki messaging system is not used often, so if you need further help, please contact the KDE people using the mailing lists or IRC, see https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved#Getting_in_touch

11:34, 6 September 2016

I think the following command should either replace or be added to the build command in this doc: $ kdesrc-build --include-dependencies kdevplatform This should help resolve any new dependencies that changed since the writing of the doc.

14:36, 6 September 2016

I am not sure why specifically kdevplatform should be added to the kdesrc-build argument. Please ask this question on [email protected] It has a much higher visibility than this wiki communication channel.

14:50, 6 September 2016

My mistake...I meant to say kdevelop as this was what the instructions were trying to build. However, the recent edits have covered this point. I'll move over to [email protected] or irc if there's still more needed to be discussed.

02:29, 8 September 2016